Sewer Lines and Stoppages

Sewer Stoppage

Is your sink draining slowly? Does your tub hold water? Does your drain line keep backing up? Our plumbers are on hand 24 hours a day to help with any of your sewer clogs.

Are there large trees in your yard? This could be the reason your home has a slow drain or keeps backing up. Roots tend to grow into the main sewer line joints and in some cases can infest your drain line.


Large Root Infestation in the Closet Flange of the Toilet


Root Removed from the Toilet Line

Sewer Video

Wondering why the sewer keeps backing up? You may need to get a sewer video inspection. Our plumbers can video the sewer line and show you onsite what the sewer problem is, if any. It may also tell you where the sewer line is located and also how deep the sewer line is.

Sewer Video Inspection Machine

In some cases, a sewer clog or stoppage is caused by a broken sewer line or an offset in the drain line. Again, this will need to be diagnosed by a sewer inspection.

Sewer line offset (see the difference in the pipe where the water is pooling?)

There are other common sewer drain problems, especially on the smaller drain pipe sizes, such as the kitchen drain line, bath tub drain line, and toilet stoppage. Check out our tips and advice for more information.