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Clean drains keep the home flowing

Drain cleaning services are among the most common jobs that a well-kept plumbing system requires. This doesn’t mean that drain cleanings should be done haphazardly, though. Drain cleanings must be done thoroughly with professional equipment in order to ensure that you drains remain clean for the long haul, not just short term fixes. The expert, seasoned team at the Plumbing Specialists have seen it and are fully prepared to keep your drains clean and flowing for years to come with state of the art equipment and modern plumbing techniques.

A dirty problem

There are a variety of things that can get stuck and build up in your drains such as grease, hair, soap, sand, minerals, dirt, food, and more. Chances are, if it can fit down the drain, it’s been down the drain. If neglected, clogged drains can wreak havoc on your faucets, bathtubs, showers, pipes, and more, leading to expensive property damage that will keep building until dealt with. Clogged drains can also affect the look and smell of your home, causing brown rusting around drain entrances and strong odors of rotting food or even sewage. If you begin to notice your water draining slowly, unusual gurgling noises, or water back up, you should call us immediately.

We urge you NOT to try wasteful and potentially harmful do-it-yourself techniques and chemical solutions. These techniques are often short term fixes and are often potentially extremely harmful to your drains and pipes. Our experts are fully trained and experienced in drain cleaning and will get the job done thoroughly and quickly. We’ll make sure that your drains are cleaned for the long haul, not just short term solutions.

Modern techniques

With modern techniques such as hydro jetting the stubborn drains and video camera inspections, we know exactly where and how to remove the clogs.

● Hydro jetting involves running exact high-pressure water through your drains and pipes in order to remove all gunk and debris. Unlike normal snake methods of unclogging drains, hydro jetting gets rid of the clog instead of pushing it aside.
● Our video camera inspection equipment will give us a highly accurate picture of your drains, finding and removing the clogs wherever they may be hiding.

We guarantee that the job will be done quickly, cleanly, and most importantly, thoroughly.

Call Today

Don’t allow gunk and debris to create a major hygienic and potentially damaging problem within your household drains. The Plumbing Specialists are expertly prepared to clean your drains to spotless perfection, getting rid of gross looking drains and horrible odors. Don’t wait! Give us a call today and we’ll send out one of specialists to conduct a routine inspection, diagnosing the problem, and working with you to make a cleaning plan that works well within your budget and time restraints. We’ll do the work so that you can focus on what matters most to you. After all, we are the plumbing specialists.

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