Garbage Disposal Repair Riverside

Inland Empire Plumbers Preventing Problems in the Kitchen

If the garbage disposal in your Riverside kitchen is no longer working or if you notice a bad smell coming from your kitchen sink, it could mean that your garbage disposal is jammed and in need of repair. Fortunately, our talented technicians at Plumbing Specialists, Inc. specialize in garbage disposal repair and replacement.

There are a variety of pieces that make up every garbage disposal, and they usually all have to function optimally together, or the disposal may not work at all. That is why it is important to call our team if you feel like something is wrong. We can inspect the disposal system ourselves and repair or replace whatever is necessary.

For professional garbage disposal services in Riverside, get in touch with our reliable plumbing technicians by calling (800) 680-3240.

Providing Trustworthy Troubleshooting

If your garbage disposal is jammed or making a humming noise, do NOT stick your hand down to help free it up. Press the reset button at the bottom of the disposal. If that does not work, we recommend that you call our team so we can troubleshoot the next steps with you.

Reach out to our plumbing experts if your garbage disposal:

  • Is clogged
  • Is leaking
  • Stops working
  • Is jammed
  • Is making a lot of noise

We would be happy to provide you with tips on what should and should not be put down the garbage disposal. We can also assist you with alternate ways of cleaning your garbage disposal to help prevent it from jamming up.

Expert Installations

If you are looking to have a new garbage disposal installed, there are a few things that you might want to think about, such as the size or horsepower of the garbage disposal that you are looking into. We can help you weigh your options so making the right choice will be a lot easier.

Not only do we install garbage disposals in your kitchen, but we can also install septic garbage disposals if your home has a septic tank system. We often recommend systems such as the Evolution Septic Assist. Our resourceful plumbing technicians can provide you with a range of options and help you discover what is best for your home.

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