Bathroom Faucets

Bathroom Faucets

Is that dripping faucet driving you crazy? Our plumbers offer a wide range of bathroom faucet repair services. Are you ready to change the look of your bathroom with a new bathroom faucet installation? We can handle those needs as well.

Bathrom Faucet Choices

Center Set Bathroom Faucet
Widespread Bathroom Faucet

New Bathroom Faucet

There are a few things to consider when buying a new bathroom faucet, such as what size is the old faucet? Is it a center set faucet or a widespread bathroom faucet? Also, what type of finish do you want on the bathroom faucet?

Bathroom Faucet Repair

Small drips from a faucet can waste thousands of gallons of water and can also damage the mechanisms inside your bathroom faucet. Check the faucets regularly for drips. When you check for leaks, check the bathroom faucet spout as well as underneath the sink. You will want to make sure the shut off valves for the bathroom faucet aren’t leaking or in a frozen position and make sure to check the aerators or faucet screen at the same time. Aerators can clog and prevent water flow or an erratic spray from the spout.

Bathroom Faucet Leak
Bathroom single handle shower faucetBathroom Widespread Shower Faucet
Bathroom Faucet bathtub roman tub faucet

Shower Valves aka Shower Faucet

Tub and shower valves, also knowns as shower faucets, need to be repaired or replaced at times. Is there a drip at the tub spout or shower head? Is the single handle tub and shower faucet providing only hot or cold water? If so that’s an indication that some internal parts need to be replaced.

Is the tub and shower valve leaking from the valve body? Is there moisture on the wall where the shower valve is installed? Where these signs occur, your tub and shower valve will need to be replaced. Just like with your bathroom sink faucet, you will have some different choices when choosing a replacement for your shower faucet.