Garbage Disposal

Is your garbage disposal no longer working? Do you have a bad smell coming from the kitchen sink? Is your garbage disposal jammed?


New Garbage Disposal

If you’re looking to have a new garbage disposal installed, here are a few things you might want to know. What size or horse power garbage disposal are you looking to have installed or what size is your old garbage disposal. Are you on a septic system? If so you may want to consider a garbage disposal made for the septic system such as the Evolution Septic Assist.

Garbage Disposal Repair & Servicing

If your garbage disposal is jammed or making a humming noise, do NOT stick your hand down to help free it up. First, press the reset button at the bottom of the disposal. If that doesn’t work, there is a special tool used to unlock the blades. If the disposal is emitting a foul odor, check out our tips {hyperlink to tips} on what should and should not be put down the garbage disposal. You can also find alternate ways of cleaning the garbage disposal.