Water Lines and Water Leaks

Water Lines and Water Leaks

Do you have a high water bill and don’t understand why? Are your home’s water lines made of galvanized piping? Are you seeing signs of water leaking, such as on your ceiling, wall, floor, or yard? If you are experiencing a high water bill and don’t know why; our plumbers can diagnose whether your water leak is on the inside of the home or if the leak is coming from outside. Once the leak is detected, the plumber will discuss your options for repair.

Our plumbers can detect a leak using our leak detection equipment.

This equipment is used to detect a slab leak on the interior of your home. Our plumbers may also recommend a few other ways to detect a water leak depending on the situation.

Slab Leaks

Is your leak a slab leak? Are you unsure of your leak repair options? Our plumbers are experienced in doing what is called a “spot repair”. This is done by opening up the slab where the leak was detected, repairing the pipe, and backfill with patching it back with concrete. Another option is rerouting the water line(s) and abandoning the old water line. Most times, rerouting is the less invasive approach.


s your water showing signs of rust? Is the water volume not what it used to be? This is a sign that your water lines are corroding.

Outdoor Water Leaks

When it comes to water leaking outside, you may want to call the city’s water department. It depends on which side of the meter the water is leaking whether the city will fix it or you will be responsible for the repair of the water line. With California being in a drought, it is really important to make sure any water leaks are fixed promptly. If you are showing signs of a leak, you should call a plumber. Don’t wait until serious damage or mold occurs.