Is your toilet not flushing properly? Are you tired of wasting water with a leaking toilet? Is it time to replace your toilet? The plumbers here at Plumbing Specialists can assist you with your toilet problems.

New Toilet

If you want a new toilet installed, do you know what type of new toilet you want? Here are a few questions to ask. First, what kind toilet bowl do you want elongated front (egg shaped) or round front (circle shaped)?

Another question to ask before getting a new toilet installed, what type of flush do you want for the new toilet? Regular 1.6 or 1.28 gallon gravity flush toilets tend to have a hard time flushing large waste and a soft stoppage may occur. If that is something you feel might be a problem, a pressure assist toilet is another option and they do make dual flush toilets as well.

One last thing to ask is the new toilet base the same size or larger than the old toilet to cover lack of flooring or marks by the old toilet..

Round Front

Elongated Front

Measure to See if the Toilet Fits

Toilet Repair

If this is something you are unsure of, our plumbers will come and measure and discuss your toilet options with you. If your toilet is leaking water, this is more than likely a repairable problem. You may need the insides of your tank replaced.

If the toilet is emitting an odor or leaking at the bottom, it may need to be reset using new materials to make a new seal.Whether wanting a new toilet installed or needing an old toilet repaired, Plumbing Specialists is here to assist you.